Navia Luxury Boating

NAVIA luxury boating offers a wide selection of premium accessories to provide luxury touch into recreational boating.

The Story

A physics professor had the hobby of recreational boating. He realized that it’s very clumsy to adjust the fenders when docking the boat. In order to solve this problem, he designed a unique product to make this process much easier. He showed the prototype to an award-winning industrial desingner and together they decided to create innovative design products that will solve the everyday problems in the field of recreational boating and improve the overall boating experience.

Our products include accessories that makes the handling of the boat easier. Good example is the automatic fender adjuster that ensures fast operation and removes the need for rope skills completely.

Design is the key element to bring the luxury into our products. We embrace Scandinavian style minimalistic feeling and in functional components we like to highlight the feeling of durability and ruggedness for withstanding all possible weather conditions that a boat may encounter.